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Garage Door Opener Maintenance

It’s important to check your garage door opener for maintenance at least once a year. Doing this will ensure that your garage door opener is working properly. It can also help you avoid having to break the bank for unwanted and unexpected garage door repairs in the future.

It’s also important for the longevity of your chain drive garage door opener. Proper maintenance can leave you with an inexpensive garage door opener that you can rely on for years. Ignoring yearly maintenance can leave you with constant headaches over garage door repairs.
Maintenance Tips
There are several ways you can manually check your garage door opener for maintanace. These steps require minimal effort and can be done by almost anyone. Make sure to be gentle with some parts, as your garage door is a delicate machine.
Tighten the Nuts and Bolts
You should tighten the nuts and bolts of your chain drive garage door opener with a screwdriver or wrench at least once a year. This will prevent the hardware of the opener loosening itself over time. Loose bolts and nuts may cause pieces of your opener fall and cause damage or your chain breaking causing your chain drive garage door opener to be replaced.
Check Your Chain Limit
It’s important to check to make sure that the chain doesn’t have any slack in it at least once a year. A slack in your in the chain will cause your door to close quickly and hard, making it a safety hazard to the people of your home. Using the limit screw on the power unit, turn the dial until the chain is firm but not tight.
Oil the Chain and Grease the Rails
At least twice a year you should apply WD-40 or any other machine oil to your drive to ensure it will work smoothly. Oiling the chain will also reduce the amount of noise made by the chain drive opener. It will also prevent your garage door from closing hard or struggling to close and open all the way.

It’s also important to make sure the garage door slides are properly greased. If they go unchecked it will make it difficult for your garage door to open. Check your bots and door slides on each side of your garage door to ensure they’re working fine.
Call Us For Help
If you have further questions about maintaining your chain drive garage door opener you can call our team at Starlite Garage Doors for assistance. We can help guide you through the process or perform the maintenance checks for you. It’s important to perform maintenance checks on your chain drive garage door opener at least once a year so call if you have questions.

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