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Garage Door Inspection Checklist

Garage door inspections need to be done on a yearly basis to keep your family safe. If you are like many homeowners, you’ve probably never had a safety inspection done. The team here at Starlite Garage Doors is qualified to come out and inspect your garage door. When we do, there is a list of things we check.
Here are some of the top things we inspect during our safety checks:
1. The Emergency Release Handle
Many garage doors come with an emergency release so that you can open the door if the power goes out. The handle hangs from the middle of the tracks and releases the door from the trolley. Our techs will make sure your handle is no higher than 6 feet from the floor.
2. Panels and Hardware
We inspect the door panels and hardware that holds the door together. If there are loose bolts and screws, we will tighten it up. Also, our techs will look at the panels for weak spots, cracks, and damage. If your panels are damaged, our team can replace them.
3. Warning Labels
Every garage door comes with warning labels. The problem is that over time, these labels wear out or fall off. If your labels are missing, we will replace them for you.
These are the labels you need on your door:
● Spring warnings
● General warnings
● Wall mount warning
● Bracket warnings
We will look at the places these labels are supposed to be and attach any that are missing.
4. Springs
Springs are a dangerous part on your garage door. These parts wind up and hold tension. If the tension is broken, it can cause your door to fall on you or anyone underneath. We recommend that you do not replace your own springs for this reason.
5. General Door Operation
We will open and close your door using the opener and manually. Our technicians will determine if the door is working in a way that is safe for your family. If they notice imbalances or faulty parts, they will recommend the replacements.
6. Hardware
Our technicians will visually inspect all of the working parts of your assembly. If they see anything that looks worn out or damaged, they will let you know. We recommend that you replace parts that are worn, rather than wait until they break. You will save yourself high repair bills, but also, keep your family safe.
7. Push Button on The Wall
If you have an automatic door with the wall mount, we will inspect it. Our techs will measure the distance of the button from the floor. It must be at least 5 feet off the ground to stay out of reach of small children. If it is not, we will discuss how we can move it up to a safer height.
Call Today For a Garage Door Inspection
If you need your door inspected, call the team here at Starlite Garage Doors. We can send one of our technicians to your address as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you and helping to keep your family safe.

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