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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors

Garage doors can have a lifetime of over 20 years so choosing a new door is a major decision. The
team at Starlite Garage Doors is available to help you look through your options and answer any questions you
might have. Here are a few common ones.
So… How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?
One of the first questions people have when purchasing a garage door naturally is, How much is this
going to cost? Prices can range from $750 to $4000 and up with the national average being about
$1000. That is quite an investment.

The cost of the garage door is affected by the material the door is made of, added features such as
windows, and any custom sizing or details you may need. We can help you find a garage door that fits
into your budget and has the features you want.
Which Is the Better Choice- Wood or Metal?
As with all of the features for your garage door, the climate you live in and how you intend to use your
door are all factors in what is the best choice. Wood is a great choice if you need a door that is easily
customizable. Wood also won’t dent like metal doors but they are heavier and require regular
maintenance to keep them from rotting.

With metal garage doors you have the choice of steel or aluminum. Steel doors are stronger than
wood, will not rot or rust, and are low maintenance. Aluminum doors also will not rust and are
lightweight. Our team can help you way the pros and cons of all available options to find the choice
that fits your budget and needs.
What is the Benefit of Insulation?
If your garage is not a climate controlled part of your home you may be wondering if there is any
benefit to adding insulation to your garage door. One way that insulation can benefit your garage door
is by reducing the noise made during operation and helping to dampen noise from the outside.

Insulation can also help keep your garage warmer in cold temperatures which will help save on energy
costs. Keeping your garage above freezing will allow cars to start more easily and be better for any
items stored inside. Insulation also helps to reflect radiant heat in the summer to keep the garage
How Do I Know What Opener Will Work with My New Door?
You’ve chosen your door and now it’s time to match it to a garage door opener. Just like when
choosing your door you will need to consider what you need it to do. You will want to find an opener
that can handle the weight of your door, stand up to expected use, and not make more noise you can
live with.

Openers have three main drive styles- chain, belt, and screw drive. If reducing noise is your main
concern than a belt drive is the way to go. Chain drives are budget friendly options that are very
reliable but create more noise. Screw drives are also a quiet option and require less maintenance.
Tell Me More About The Available Features
You’ve picked out the style, material, and opener to go with your garage door and now you are thinking
about adding features to customize the door to meet your needs. Some features that you may want to
consider are:

● Windows
● Added Safety Features
● Wifi and Bluetooth Openers
● Color
● And more…

So if you want to add windows to let in sunlight or be able to monitor your door from your smartphone,
we can help you find the features you want.
We Are Available To Answer All Your Questions
The team at Starlite Garage Doors is knowledgeable and ready to give you answers to your questions. Now is a
great time to call.

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