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* Anchor – See Center Bearing Bracket
* Anchor Bracket – See Center Bearing Bracket
* Anchor Cone – See Stationary Cone
* Anchor Plate – See Center Bearing Bracket
* Assembly – See Torsion Spring Assembly
* Assembly Closed Wound – A torsion spring that has no gaps between the coils
* Assembly Open Wound – A torsion springs with equal gaps between each coil
* Balance – The number of turns required to counterbalance the door
* Constant – A formula used to describe the wire size and coil diameter combination
* Containment Device – See Containment Cable
* Fitting – A plug that is used to adapt the torsion spring to the torsion shaft or the center bearing bracket. The piece is a stationary cone
* Hook – See S-Hook
* Latch Hook – See Automatic Latch
* Pad – A pad that is installed on the header above the door that anchors the center bearing bracket. It can be mounted in different locations
* Plug – See Spring Fitting
* Retainer – See Spring Fitting
* Winding Cone – See Winding Plug

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