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* Casing – Framing members that finish the garage doors opening
* Check – A device that insures the self closing of a door or wicket
* Closer – A device that combines a spring to close the door and a checking arrangement that prevents the door from slamming when closing
* Frame/Framework – Two door jambs and a door header where the garage door fits
* Guide – See Track
* Header – Located at the upper part of a door frame and consisting of the head jamb, head casing, stop and trim molding
* Jamb – Upright framing located on each side of the door opening
* Molding – See Door Casing
* Opener – See Electric Operator
* Opening – The opening dimensions of the garage door
* Path – See Trajectory
* Schedule – A construction document listing door sizes, locations and the special requirements for certain doors
* Stop – See Stop Mould
* Size – The dimensions of a garage door with the width being listed first followed by the height
* Section – A segment of a sectional garage door
* Double – See Double Door

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