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Creative Ways To Use Your Garage Space

Here at Starlite Garage Doors, we have the opportunity to visit many different homes and see the creativity people put into their garages. Of course, you can imagine some use it to park their cars and other use it to store their belongings. Some take this area of their home to the next level by using it for some of these great ideas:
A Playroom For Their Kids
It doesn’t take much to turn your garage into a playroom for your kids. Lay down a few thick area rugs, set up a few couches and chairs, and put bins of toys out. If you have a large enough space, you can set up a card table so that they have a place for crafts.

The great thing about turning a garage into a play area, is that they can leave the door open. Kids can be bad about running in and out of the house to grab toys. If you put their toys in the garage, then their things are easily accessible.
Recording Studio
Podcasters, YouTubers, and the like all need a quiet space to record. The garage can be a great option to set up. The best way to transform your garage into a studio is to build a soundproof booth in an area of the room. This way, you won’t lose the functionality of using the garage to get in and out of your house.
Turn it Into a Tiny Home
The tiny home trend has taken off and this small space is perfect for people who want to give their grown children their own space. Of course, this will require you to seal the garage doors and install some sort of air system.
Air B N B Pad
If you want to be a professional with Airbnb, then you could turn the area into a place for people to rent. People that do it professionally usually have a room that is always set up and ready for renters. A space like this will give the renters privacy but also access to amenities in your home if you want them to.
Garage Band
Garage bands are not dead, but they have come a long way. You can transform your garage into a rocking set for videos. All you need to do is put together a creative backdrop and set up your camera.
Call Us to Seal Your Garage Door
If you want to transform your garage into a different space, the team here at Starlite Garage Doors recommends that you have us come out and seal your door. Our techs will install weather stripping and fill holes. They can recommend other options to keep air from getting into your garage.

Call us today so we can send someone out to you. We look forward to working with you.

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