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Can You Convert a Carport to a Garage_

Carports are a popular option in some warmer climates where they don’t face weather extremes. They are easy and relatively low costs to construct, but don’t provide a secure place for your car or your toys. If you are wondering if you can turn that carport into a garage, Starlite Garage Doors has put together some things to consider.
Is It Affordable?
On average, converting a carport to a garage will save you about 20% compared to having a contractor build a new garage from the ground up. This is assuming your foundation, roof, and supports are all in good condition. When you hire a contractor you can expect to pay $6,000-$12,000 for labor alone.
When you add in all the costs for materials, you are looking at paying a professional $25,000 to $60,000 total. Compared with the labor costs, you can see how much you will pay if you choose to diy this project, but even then, there are some things to consider.
What Are the Building Codes or HOA Restrictions?
Before you can hire someone or even try it yourself, you first need to see if its even allowed within your HOA guidelines. If you are not part of a HOA, does your city require a permit? If so, what are the building guidelines, such as, do you need a fire protection wall?
Is Your Current Structure Big Enough and In Good Condition?
Check to see if your current cement slab and roof are in good condition with no rotting or major cracks or sunken parts in the slab. If they are, measure the slab to see if you will need to add to it. A garage is typically 20 feet deep with a width of 10 feet for a single garage and 18.5 feet for a double.
You will also want to make sure that your carport is the right height. A standard garage door is about 8 feet tall with a double 2×8 or 2×12 header running across the opening. If your carport isn’t tall enough, you will have to add the expense of raising the roof.
How to Bring Power to Your New Garage
The last thing you should consider is how you can bring power to the structure once it has been converted to a garage. Every garage needs to have power to be able to operate the opener as well as lights. If you want to use the garage as a workspace, you will need more power capacity which could even require a new electric sub panel.
Bringing power to your garage will add to your final expenses as you need to hire an electrician. If you plan to use your new garage for a laundry space or if you need other plumbing, make sure you factor in the cost of a plumber to install all of the plumbing for you.
When You Are Ready for a Garage Door
After your new garage is ready to go, give Starlite Garage Doors a call for your new garage door. We can help you go through all of the options to see which one is right for you. Then, we can bring it out and install it for you!

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